In the conscious awareness of the Infinite Creative Power back of all things, the Intelligent and Loving Presence that I call God, I turn toward this Source Energy. Releasing all other thoughts and concerns, I think on Thee, Spirit, that which I am at my core. Going within, to the microcosm of human individualism, I recognize the vast inner space that mirrors the infinite depths of universal expansion.
In this spaciousness I rest. I surrender to the mystery and wonder of God, while sensing the loving comfort of Its intimate awareness of the entity I know as me. I am God expressing as me for now – and it is good and very good. How grateful I am for the gift of this life. In the spirit of loving appreciation, I now release any sense of tension, regret or judgment that may have been impeding the smooth functioning of my organs and cells. Just as my liver converts material into building blocks for my body, so too my mind can cleanse any thoughts of anger or resentment, transforming them to ideas of compassion, understanding and harmony. I release old ideas that no longer serve me – whether conscious or unconscious. My mind is cleansed. I bless my past and accept the idea that all experiences and lessons were chosen by me for the perfect unfoldment of this spiritual journey. There are no mistakes and I choose now to release all regret. I surrender to the now moment, embracing the gifts of this life experience, regardless of their appearance. From this soft and gentle place of surrender, I feel my strength – the strength of the Infinite Loving Presence of God at my core. From this vital Essence, I now build my life. I move into each moment with a sense of awe, joy and peace. I radiate healing energy. I am a light unto the world. This God Light, my Source, fills every cell of my beautiful body and I feel the Energy of Spirit pulsing through me, as me. In deep gratitude and celebration, I release these ideas in Mind, knowing their creative power, and blessing the cleansing activity of this Divine Shower! And so it is.

— Science Of Mind

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We Get By With A Little Help From Our Lamas


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Buddy Guy Saves The Day Again

There are many things I find distasteful in life. Let’s see:

1. Betrayal
2. Liars and betrayal
3. Cheats and liars and betrayal
4. Bad pizza
5. Cheap wine
6. Cheap winos drinking cheap wine
7. Bad pizza and cheap wine
8. Cold rain
9. Cold rain and wet feet
10. A sorrowful soul
11. A sorrowful soul on a night of cold rain.
12. Betrayal and a sorrowful soul on a rainy cold night.

Go to sleep Rose. You’re all done in.

Well … If it wasn’t you baby, it must have been your evil twin.


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Pix from the internet



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The Acid Test

Liars lie. When someone lies about you run the other way.

There is nothing to be gained and a great deal to be lost by interacting with dishonest people.

They will lie about what happened and then lie more when you challenge them.

They are The People Of The Lie in C. S. Lewis’s book.

When you detect dishonesty go. Do not look back.

In the end they cannot follow where you go.


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Fear holds you back


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Calling An Angel

Originally posted on Stillwalkn\'s Blog:

Last night I prayed to Archangel Gabriel. This is noteworthy for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I have never believed in the existence of angels arch or otherwise. For another, I don’t pray, finding no one to pray to.

But a week ago, Chevy called angels in to help me. And I felt their energy surround me. Palpably. So I have lately begun to allow for the existence of angels

Chevy said to ask Archangel Gabriel for help. I knew nothing about this being. I asked for Her help. And then I saw a shining being of light dressed in long robes of gold and green. The light was blinding. I asked Her to help me, to free me. She illuminated the area around us.

Something greasy and black was lifted out of my gut and recycled(?): a pre-verbal nameless fear.

Tonight when I Reiki’d myself the energy…

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