Three Steps To Freedom


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Let Go

Prepare at all times to have everything and everyone taken from you.

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Our Motto

The Motto of Spokane Reiki Academy is “Reiki Be … Reiki Do”

This motto places “being” above “doing” as a guiding value or precept.

Dr. Usui’s Reiki Principles call us to BE grateful, peaceful, honest, respectful and generous. TO BE.

When we are “being Reiki” the doing takes care of itself.

And remember, at its heart Reiki is Love. Be loving.

Just for today.



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From Kahlil Gibran

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding… And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy

Khalil Gibran

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Another Toe On The Path

Expect nothing. Forgive everything. That is the only way.

So much ego drama originates with an expectation that is unmet. Whether the expectation is external involving others, or internal with you and your expectations of yourself, it’s a setup for disappointment and the egoic reactions it stimulates.

It is human nature to expect, and disappointment is hard-wired into our mental functions. It is not optional. It is the natural human condition. It has a remedy. The remedy is not natural.

Releasing all emotional attachment to expectations and outcomes is not attractive if it means we stop caring. How then to sort it out?

There is no power in resigning oneself to disappointment. So where and what is the power that can release us from disappointment and even anger when our expectations, no matter how great or small in scope and scale, are not met?

Can we ever have a choice when our emotions are triggered about how much it impacts us? I say we must find a way. About this there is no choice, to my way of thinking. I want freedom from the assault of externals on my inner peace. I find emotional reactions do not serve me. So …

One idea is to distinguish inside of any emotional reaction the part that is a hurt ego from the part that is a broken heart. Tease the sadness from the anger. This is useful.

I have no desire to follow ego. Ego wants to control sometimes destroy the external source of our disappointment and related upset. I don’t want to go where ego leads. But my heart remains precious to me and I don’t want to throw out the baby (my heart) with the bath water (my ego). So this then is the first step in choice. I choose my sorrow over my anger.

Another toe on the path.


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All the world there is

The physical world is not all the world there is. The physical world is a created world, a manifestation. Of what is it a manifestation?

We spin like Dervishes in the ocean of Spirit but our eyes do not see it. We debate whether there is anything there at all. And some of us refuse to believe anything our puny little eyes cannot see.

I’ve been needing spectacles since my 30′s. Why do we put such stock in such inferior data as the evidence of our senses? Lots of other creatures have better optics.

We’re just stuck! I don’t know about other people. I’ve been alive long enough to know I speak for no one but myself. But for myself, I find it takes something to shake me out of a comfortable sleepy mindlessness.

You’d think we could all just wake up. Wouldn’t you? But the Sun is shining. Birds are singing. My dog is laying against me.

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The Breaking Consciousness

I believe it is developing our consciousness that can save humanity. It is our consciousness right now that is reflected in our world, primarily in the damage we are doing to our habitat and fellow Earth residents. As we lift our consciousness above the present level, we will see our progress reflected in the world around us because that is how it works. By setting our spirits free we will just naturally create joyously in this Earth plane, and thus engaged we will be creating a beautiful world, Eckhart Tolle’s “New Earth.”

Eckhart lays it out in “The Power Of Now.” I learned it also in Landmark Education although it was attired in an altogether unique vocabulary. And as a professional, I also encountered this same lesson in some depth in Peter Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline.” So clearly the lesson is being given in our time.

We must. Not: it would be optimal, desirable, nice if we chose to. The spiritual evolution of Humanity is no longer an option. No longer is it the sole domain of a few mystics. The cat as they say is out of the bag.

I like to think it’s part of a greater plan, in which it matters whether we learn and grow or do not, and expire. But however that may be, history unfolds.

The wisdom is no longer secret.

So what is this urgent revelation for our time? It is nothing less or more than the realization that we and we alone create reality, and as a created thing what we mistakenly call reality is not the abiding reality we seek.

We discover the truth first within ourselves. Eckhart Tolle suddenly realized he was there listening and watching himself have a suicidal depression. Who is this observer, he asked? And that one question freed him.

The real self, the higher self, super consciousness … perhaps many more or less inadequate labels will come and go as the matter unfolds … but what is so great is that this awareness, this more vibrant awakeness is breaking onto the consciousness of this world.

It fills me with happiness.

My challenge nowadays is to stay awake always. I’m lazy so I have to push myself but there is no going back.

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