Saturn In Virgo

“Your true path lies in soul-level self-sacrifice rather than in the more mundane life of worldly events.”
So has it been and ever shall be

An ageless soul looking out through me

While I look in from outside of myself

For what I can and what I cannot see 

I am not blinded by a blinding light

Nor lulled by the hum of machinery

All through the polished metallic night 

I listen. I listen intently.

And know beyond a shadow of doubt

Whatever growth of me there’s been

Has ever been from deep within

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Thinking about Sandra Bland’s Murder

I watched the videos, the long and the short versions. I followed the claims that she committed suicide, and none of it makes sense. I’m a retired Corrections Specialist, and the current police version of events borders on laughable. 

They say they knew she had a history of a suicide attempt. Right there she would be on Suicide Watch. No plastic bags, you see? Their version of events is ridiculous to anyone who has worked in the LE Industry. So the official story is bullshit. That being the case, we only see the beginning: her abduction by the police. 

They waste no time getting her out of range of the dash cam. But we hear. Is she resisting arrest, or being kidnapped? Listen. 

Do you hear the officer trying to verbally defuse and cool things down? I sure didn’t, and I taught those verbal defusing skills my whole career. I know police were taught to de-escalate when I was working. This guy barks orders. He never answers a single question Bland asks. He, more than Sandra, escalates at every step in the interaction. He seems like a madman to me. And they charge Sandra with assaulting him!

And while we’re at it, why was she stopped in the first place? A cop once told me he could follow anyone for 10 minutes and have a citation. I find that hard to believe, but I don’t know. Just claiming he could put me on edge. It sounded a bit predatory. Maybe it’s just me.

So the cop is following close behind her. It makes her uncomfortable, so she pulls into the right lane, yielding as it were, to the cop car. But she neglects to signal, so they pull her over. He writes the ticket. Should be all over with. “Have a nice day ma’am and don’t forget to signal when you change lanes.”

What happened between the pre-ticket and post-ticket interactions that accounts for the officer morphing into a crazy person.

I was so proud of her. Her bearing was proud. The cop behaved like a criminal, but it’s a special kind of ugly when the cop is the criminal.
It’s unworkable. It’s indefensible. And let’s face it, this was kidnapping, assault and murder. By the guy with the gun and the “force” behind him.
Sandra repeatedly asked the officer what he’s so afraid of. Well, maybe it was fear, or maybe it was thuggery. And don’t forget she was a known activist who just moved to their town. My guess is they were harassing her, attempting to convey her unwelcomeness in their racist little town. If this doesn’t scare you, you aren’t paying attention.
Every shooting somehow the cop felt threatened. What kind of threat? Remember the cop who planted his taser so he could claim the man he shot was a threat to him?

If a cop is afraid to do his/her job, they should do something else. This “quick trigger finger” shit with citizens of color is bullshit. It must stop. And getting away with murder, that has to stop too.

Maybe if some cops do some time, the racist cowards won’t bother to apply. And good riddance.

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you ARE the gun

A lot of people are all cranked up about gun control again. To me, this is yet another refusal to take responsibility for our own actions and outcomes. Eliminating guns wouldn’t fix the problem. 

If it wasn’t a gun it would be aknife or a bomb. Or a car or a plane. The real problem is we can’t look at ourselves. As a result, we have no slightest hope of solving the problem of gun violence. 

But if the gun isn’t the problem, then who or what IS? 
Who holds the gun, the bomb, etc? It’s a human being. The human being, in its rage, it’s thirst for vengeance and it’s rational infancy is the problem. 

The problem is not the guns by themselves. I truly appreciate guns, and I enjoy target sports. Guns are tools. I admire fine craftsmanship. I also know the likelihood of a gun injury only exists in the presence of guns. 

But what makes it a big problem that we must address, is the addition to the mix of us. Human beings, knowing ourselves to be rageful, and vengeful and not always rational. We know this. Most of us are driven by fear and riddled with resentment. Guns are not THE problem. People with guns IS the problem. 

When we decide to be responsible for our own actions, when we practice rationale self-control because we’re responsible and we know it, the gun will no longer look like a problem. Meanwhile we have no choice but to deny access to killing machines to mentally and emotionally unstable people. 

If you focus on the gun, you miss your target. Focus instead on the people who use guns to express their hatred and rage, and it’s immediately apparent that implements of destructive force cannot be entrusted to mentally and emotionally explosive individuals. It’s the access of dangerous people to guns that we must manage better.

A lot of sane people own guns. Their keen awareness of the risk they take can be observed in the degree of caution and attention to safety they exercise toward these prized and dangerous possessions. 

It’s a waste of time and a dead end detour to demonize the implement. Mankind is the demon holding that implement (knife, bomb, etc.).

We practice rationale self-control because we’re responsible and we know it. And inside of that, the gun will no longer look like a problem. Meanwhile we have no choice but to deny access to killing machines to mentally and emotionally unstable people. 

The answer is always to look inward, not out there for someone or something to be responsible. We are yet a savage race. We need a mirror not a scapegoat.

I have to believe it’s doable. Are you with me guys?

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Attunement Explained, well kind of

The subject of attunement comes up a lot. Do we need to be attuned? What does an attunement do? Can we do Reiki without one?

I usually say it’s like having a higher frequency receiver. But this is still too vague. So let me look more closely or maybe just a slightly different way.

The attunement helps direct energy to you, the practitioner. It paints a target, so to speak, on your chakras, and like a red flower draws in a hummingbird, the symbol draws in energy. Or, like water spinning in a whirlpool, it moves faster than it does in the main current. 

The Power Symbol is a clear example. It consists of a spiral. Think of a funnel. Now think of the Milky Way Galaxy with its spiral arms. Now spin like an electron around a nucleus held on by the force of attraction. 

Patterns repeating ad infinitum, and variations of them, and variations of the variations. It’s a sacred geometry. It’s at the core of things, the frame it all hangs on. 

So I think now the attunement has great value. It’s fits you for the work of being an energy channel. 

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My head in a paper bag!


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“First do no harm …”

This opening phrase of the oath taken by physicians ought to be required of all Reiki/Energy practitioners and anyone else who dares to call him/herself a healer. I’m sure the considerations apply far beyond the healing professions, but for now let’s leave it at that: healers.

The artful dodge that places all accountability for healing on the patient (or a mysterious higher power, or both) does not excuse one from the purpose of the Hippocratic Oath. Hippocrates, honored as “the first” physician, was not a fool.


So what harm? We’re all clear about how this applies to physicians. A surgeon slipped and my leg may be permanently numb. Much worse can and does occur. Accidentally or through incompetence. But this isn’t the full spectrum of the harm that can be done by a physician. What of deliberate harming?

We don’t like to think about that. I don’t. I need to trust my physician to be after my well being. His/her intentions must be beyond dispute, right? Like priests? Or (fill in the blank) __________? So it’s about trust? Sort of.

I think it’s about holding oneself to a higher (than normal) standard. Lots of professions, not only physicians do, and should. Like police, which almost all of us are in agreement on just now.

But why would “first do no harm” be a higher than normal standard? Because not only can people not be trusted to do no harm, in actual fact we can be trusted to do a great deal of it.

I frequently hear other energy healers and Reiki Masters allude to the claim that Reiki cannot do any harm to anyone. And I agree, to a point. Unless you can remove the human practitioner altogether I believe a lot of harm can be done by anyone who knows how to work with energy, and Reiki is working with energy, and as far as I know, although of the noblest intentions, even Reiki Masters are human.

I wouldn’t be concerned really, if it was spoken about in honest forthright terms. It’s the avoidance that concerns me and calls everything else into doubt.

In other words, the skills can be misused.

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The Pain Master

Who could it be but someone who knows pain intimately. So I figure the journeymen of pain would include athletes, soldiers, other people who have “heavy-lifting” jobs (think cherry pickers and housekeepers) and people like me, the afflicted.

It’s true I have been giving a good deal of thought to the possibilities presented by chronic pain. I say “chronic” and I mean I no longer consider it a sure thing that I’ll have another pain-free day.

A pain-free day; by this I mean I wake up pain free. It’s been over a year since the last one. On such days in the near past, I’ve been giddy, silly, gleeful. It’s magical. It would be a new lease on life if it lasted more than a day. If it even lasts that long.

So I figure this gives me credibility to talk about pain. But I’m no expert on the science of pain, I have not studied the history of pain, and I have not found a solution for pain.

I asked a few athletes if there is a way to use the pain. They said you can only ignore the pain, but you can’t use it. I was disappointed by their response. So I put it to you, my friends:

Can pain be solved? And if not, can it be used? And is ignoring it the only sane option?

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